I had a discussion with a colleague the other day about the design of the interface my microservice will use to expose a specific data set. The data is saved by my microservice in Elastic Search and meant to be consumed and presented by the UI in different forms, according to filters the end user will choose. When I merely suggested the blasphemous idea of having the UI querying the data directly from Elastic Search, the classic “Microservices should never expose their underlying data store” argument was ignited.

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Who owns this data??

Services Exposing Data

I’ll start from the end. Services can expose data in any way…

In my previous blog post — https://medium.com/@mrrogerrabbit/another-horrible-facebook-firing-story-c7cff4d0bb36, I shared my personal story of being fired from Facebook while being accused for crimes I didn’t commit. In this post I’ll describe 3 key lessons I learned from the experience, and what you should do if you’ll ever find yourself in my shoes.

So, a quick refresher — you’re living your normal everyday life and all of a sudden, out of the blue, a bomb drops. You realize your employer is trying to fire you under false pretenses.

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“They’re going to take you”

Did you watch the movie “Taken”? Do you remember the famous scene where the…

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Hands up!

Many spine-tingling stories of employees who were fired from Facebook can be found on the web. Here is mine.

I got fired from Facebook.
Not because I wasn’t good enough — I was.
Not because I violated any policy — I didn’t.
I was fired because a colleague that didn’t like me, filed a false complaint about me.

Since what happened to me, I’m suffering from PTSD and months of intensive psychological care didn’t improve anything.

You need to understand - I’m not a weak person. I never went to a psychologist before, never suffered from anxiety, never had sleeping…

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